Saturday, March 10, 2007

JerrySpeak Trips My N.C. Trigger!

While doing my usual morning scan of the TampaBLAB site I came across JerrySpeak and his bit on an anticipated May trip back to the Smokies.

Got me digging into my trove of Blue Ridge/Smokies pics that Duchess and I have collected.

This 1st shot was taken by The Duchess at a pullover on the Parkway. 4,000 feet below is a farm and farmland. Up closer mountain flowers in a shady opening by a cliff face.

Then there is this pic from the car window on the Parkway. We had seen this place several times, and I always like to think of it as someone's really nice retirement home overlooking a trout-laden lake!




At 1:31 PM, Blogger JDM said...

AWESOME Duke - I LOVE the area up there! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I've sent on your link to 4 of my friends that go up there too! Great to hear from you again!



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